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A little about me.

Yes, I graduated from world famous "Messick High School". I attended Memphis State University for a time.

After school, I traveled around a lot and worked as a carpenter, horse wrangler and many other things. I have worked in the oil fields of Louisiana and Texas. I have been a carpenter and woodworker for many years. I have been a volunteer at The "Historic" Overton Park Shell , a place where Elvis played early in his career.

I play a little (darn little) blues harmonica. I love to fish (especially for trout). I love animals, they are delicious.

I garden for peace and groceries.

I set up domains and design and build web pages. These pages are some of my early attempts.

I build custom furniture and picture frames. See some of my woodwork on my woodworking page.

I have completed school studying computer operations technology and have received certifications in computers and networking.

I have now moved to The Tellico Plains area in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee.

I am currently working as a contract employee for the railroad and I travel all the time. I bought a travel trailer and the dog and I live in it full time. I am buying some land in Tellico Plains and plan to build a house and workshop.

The 4th of July party was an tradition in Frayser and I have included some pictures.

Warning!! By sending me unsolicited commercial email you agree to pay my standard consulting fee of $500 / hr for examining your message (a minimum charge of one (1) hour). The bill for my service will be sent to you along with my analysis of your message.

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